Research Interests:

  • Wireless Networks
    • Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Queuing, Routing and Congestion Control
    • MIMO Channels (Information Theoretic and Coding Aspects)
  • Signal Processing for Communications
  • Speech Processing
    • VoIP
    • Watermarking

BSc Thesis: Design and Implementation of a Context-Based Low-Rate Speech Codec for a Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network

Advisor: Professor H. Movahedian

Most Relevant Courses:

  • Passed: Graduate: Principles of Wireless Communication, Digital Communications Lab,  Speech Processing, Digital Signal Processing,  DSP Lab, Microprocessors, Computer Structure and Language, Microprocessor Lab, Undergraduate: Communication Systems 1&2, Signals and System, Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra
  • Audited: Graduate: Data Networks, Traffic Control in Data Networks, Wireless Communication Networks, Simulation of Communication Systems, Space-Time Coding, Information Hiding


Most Relevant Completed Projects:

Most Relevant Completed Projects:

  • Design and Implementation of a High Rate Data Watermarking Algorithm with Error Correction for an ADPCM Voice Channel (Speech Processing Project)- Pre-print
  • 3 Projects including FIR Low-Pass Filtering, Least Squares Inverse Design (LSID) and Improving Audio Clarity (Digital Signal Processing)
  • DTMF Detection and FFT Computation with a TMS320VC6416 DSP Board (DSP Lab)
  • Lempel-Ziv Encoding and Decoding, and DFPLL for a QPSK Modulated Channel (Communications 2)
  • MIMO Channels (Communications 2 Presentation)
  • Writing Persian Characters on a Graphic LCD (Microprocessor Lab Project)
  • Huffman Encoding and Decoding with Burrows Wheeler Transform (C Programming Project)
  • Designing a Portable Radio Link (Communications 1 Project)
  • Designing a High Gain Op-Amp with PSPICE (Electronics 2 Project)
  • Designing a Stable BPF Circuit (Circuits 2 Project)
  • Implementation of a 16-bit by 8-bit Divider with VHDL (Logic Circuits Project)
  • Designing a Model Town (Technical English Team Project and Presentation)
  • Presentation and Report on the PIC Family of Microcontrollers (Machine Structure and Language Project)
  • Design and Implementation of a Digital Multimeter (Microprocessors Course)

 Work Experience Reports:
  • Wireless Sensor Networks-Technology, Uses and Market (STEP Consulting Engineers Technical Report)
  • Random Matrix Theory and MIMO Channels (ITRC Technical Report)