I was born on May 12, 1988 in Tehran, Iran. 

I spent the first seven years of my life in Iran, completing First grade in Bayan Primary School. (First pic on the right!)

Then my family relocated to Bristol, UK so that my father could pursue his PhD. studies. For the next 4 years, I went to St. John's CE VC Primary School in Bristol, while being home-schooled in the Iranian curriculum. (Second pic!)

After returning to Iran, I took part in the National Organization for the Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) Middle School entrance exam in Tehran with only 2 weeks notice, and was one of 200 selected from a field of around 25,000 applicants.

I spent my Middle and High School years in Allameh Helli Middle and High School (Affiliated to NODET) in Tehran, the most prominent school in Iran, and was inducted to their "Hall of Fame" for my achievements. (see the Academic Section) I am forever indebted to my teachers in those institutions, as they taught me to continually push my boundaries and to work as part of a team.

After my achievements in the National University Entrance Exams in 2006, I chose to study Electrical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Iran's most prestigious university. I was hoping to find a field that encapsulated my interests in Mathematics and Computing, and electrical engineering fitted the bill perfectly. I graduated with my BSc.(Major in Telecommunications) in July 2010..