Publications and Presentations

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    3. A. Teymouri, M. Askari, M. Asadirad, “Effect of annealing time and temperature on the size and morphology of the SiO2-Nanowires by VLS method” conference of nano2010, Sep 13-17, Roma, Italy.
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    5. M. Asadirad, H. Yoozbashizadeh, Ata Dolatmoradi “Effect of mixture-of-fuels on the particle size of 10Ce-TZP/Al2O3 nanocomposites prepared by aqueous combustion synthesis” the 4th national congress of metallurgy, November 15-16, 2010, Tehran, Iran (in Persian).
    6. M. Salehi-Doolabi, S.K. Sadrnezhaad, M. AsadiradThe effect of current type on Cr-Al2O3 nanocomposite coating prepared by electrodeposition” the 6th Iran plating international seminar & exhibition, and 11th surface engineering national seminar, October 14-16, 2010, Tehran, Iran (in Persian).