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Moteaal Asadi
Personal Information:
Tel: +98 912 2189861
Skype ID: moteaal
Email: asadi@ut.ac.ir, asadi@iastate.edu
Homepage: http://alum.sharif.ir/~asadi_sh/
Robotics, Control, Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence, Mechanism Design
Automation in Agriculture and Food Industry, Hydraulics and Pneumatics System
M.Sc.: from 2001 to 2004, Mechanical Engineering-Applied Design (Control, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, Cum Ave: B+ (Total Credit Hour: 42), M.Sc. Project: 19.5
B.Sc.: from 1996 to 2001, Mechanical Engineering-Solid Design, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Cum Ave: B+ (Total Credit Hour: 153), B.Sc. Project: 19.5
·  M.Sc.: “Combined Intelligent Control (CIC): An Intelligent decision making algorithm in multi-agent systems*", Supervisors: Professor Carol Lucas, University of Tehran, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Haiari-Yazdi, University of Tehran, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Advisors: Dr. Vosughi Vahdat, Sharif University of Technology, Department Electrical Engineering
*This project was an industrial research project than was designed and installed for a factory. 
·  B.Sc.: “Designing a Tray Feeders for the Pick and Place Machine”, Supervisor: Dr. Vosughi, Sharif University of Technology, Advisors:  Professor Meghdari, Sharif University of Technology
Selected Honors and Awards:
·  1) Automatic Intelligent Digital Olive corer (Pitting) machine             (Patent: 34661, 2006)
·  2) Set of Treader and Groovier with Parallel and Equivalent Force (Patent: 56227, 2008)
·  3) Adaptive Fuzzy Controller for robots under impact force               (Patent: 60706, 2009)
·  4) Combined Intelligent Control                                                             (Patent: 60643, 2009)
·  5) Automatic Digital Intelligent Cheque Print              
ID: 139450140003003439, Under Consideration (2013-2015)
·  6) The Digital Automatic Machine for the Shim Control of the Differential Axel
ID: 139450140003004584, Under Consideration (2014-2015)
·  7) Double Feeding Detection use of photo-diode sensors and Intelligent Behavior-Based Algorithm
ID: 139450140003004601, Under Consideration (2015)
·  WIPO: Gold Medal and Certificate of WIPO (Word Intellectual Property Organization), Best Inventor, 2009
·  UNIDO: Certificate and Prize of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), 2009
·  KIA: Best Inventor, Second Rank in 22nd KIA (Khwarizmi International Award), 2009
·  Distinguished Member of Iran's National Elites Foundation (INEF)
·  The Presidential Citation Award (2010)
·  Ranked 90th among more than 300,000 students and scholarship for B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology
·  Ranked 24th in National Entrance Exam for Graduate Schools
Work Experiences:
From 2003 to now:
Assistant Supervisor and Administrative Manager of Control Laboratory in the University of Tehran
- Supervising Students in Control Laboratory
- Teaching Pneumatics and Hydraulics and Control courses
- Assisting M.Sc. and B.Sc. Projects and some other activities
   Selected Projects:
- Flexible Manufacturing System in sorting and packing fruits (apple, orange, etc.) use of CIC
- Identification of Soft tissues use of Adaptive Fussy Algorithm, 2014
- Intelligent Mobile Robot (Path planning, Locomotion and Control), 2013
- Rescue Robot, Robocup, Osaka, 2005, Second generation 2010
- Active tracker (Vision-Based Algorithm), 2008
- Designing and Manufacturing a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS), 2007
- Pick and place Robot (An Electro-Pneumatic Robot), 2006
- A number of academic and industrial projects in control and automation and related fields
From 2006 to now
Manager of ParsaaFan Automation Company
    Selected Projects:
- An Intelligent Irrigation System Based on Rational Predictive Fuzzy Logic Algorithm
- Intelligent Carrier (Real-time sorting and selecting seeds use of Semi-Vision proximity sensors) 
- Automatic Intelligent Cheque Printer, (Vision-Based and Object-Oriented Design, Patent: 85343), 2014
- Differential Shim Testing Machine, 2014
- Intelligent Navigation of the Mobile Robots 2013
- Automatic Intelligent Digital Olive Pitting Machine (Patent: 34661), 2007-2012
- Stable Control of Robot Arms under Impact Force Using Adaptive Fuzzy Controller (Patent: 60706), 2011
- Adjustable Antenna Stand for the Antenna Laboratory, University of Tehran, 2010
- Electro-Pneumatic and Microcontroller Training Tables, Azad University, 2009
- Sorter and Grader for completed-shape fruits, 2006
- Hydraulics and Pneumatics Training Tables for Pneumatics Laboratory, Azad University, 2005
From 2001 to 2004
HESCO, an Industrial Automation Company
- Schneider SMC H-Station: An Automatic Machine for Producing the Miniature fuses, 2004
- Testing Machine: Compressibility and Expandability of braking Lents (ISO 6310), 2003
- Disky Lent: Brake Testing Machine (Standard: J 661), 2003
- Tray Feeder: A part of the Pick & Place Set (PCB Assembly Line), 2002
- Tape Feeder: A Part of the Pick & Place Set (PCB Assembly Line), 2002
From 2000 to 2001
Institute of Industrial Advanced Systems
- Designing and Manufacturing two End-Effectors for 6-DOF Robots, 2001
·     Technical Editor of book “Hydraulics and Pneumatics”, R. Ghasemi, , Publication of Technical and Vocational Organization of Iran, Korean International Cooperation Agency, KOICA, 2010
·      “Low Level Control use of AVR-Microcontroller interfacing Circuits”, IKCO Publication and Training Center, 2009, Second Publication, 2010
Journal and Conferences Papers:
·     “Identification of Anisotropic Nonlinear Systems usingOptimized Locally Linear Neuro-Fuzzy Network”, Moteaal Asadi Shirzi, M.R. Hairi-Yazdi, Control and Robotic Laboratory, Conference on Engineering Systems Design And Analysis, ASME(ESDA), 2012
·     Active Tracking Using Intelligent Fuzzy Controller and Kernel-Based Algorithm “, Moteaal Asadi Shirzi, M.R. Hairi-Yazdi, International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, IEEE , FUZZ-IEEE 2011
·     Fuzzy Logic Based Impedance Control to Monitor on Torque under Impulsive Loading”, M.  Dizaji, M. Yazdi, Moteaal Asadi Shirzi, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Journal, trans tech publication Inc., 2011
·     Combined Intelligent Control (CIC): An Intelligent decision making algorithm”, Moteaal Asadi Shirzi, M. R. Hairi Yazdi and Caro Lucas, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, ISSN: 1729-8806, 2006
·     Application of a Neurofuzzy System to Identification of Some Classes of Soft Tissues Utilizing Experimental Data”,M.A. Shirzi, A.A.Nikooyan, M.R.H.Yazdi, caro Lucas,  International Conference on Intelligent Systems, IEEE,2006
·     Active Tracking Using Kernel-Based Vision Processor and Robust Fuzzy Control”, A. Mustafa , M. Asadi Shirzi , M. R. Hairi Yazdi, Control and Robotics Lab., University of Tehran, International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Technology, JCIS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2006
·     Soft Tissues Nero-Fuzzy Learning and Classifying”, Biomechanical Conference at Sahand University, Iran, 2005
·     “Path planning in the Non-Deterministic Environment with Subsumption architecture for the 2DOF Robot", IJMET of ISME journal, ISSN 1605-9727, Vol.6, 2004
·     “The Comparison between Subsumption and BDI Architectures", Mechanical Engineering Magazine, ISSN 1605-9719, Vol. 12, 2004
·     “Robot control using the behavior based algorithm”, 2003, Electronic Conference at  Shariyati University, Iran
Submitted Papers:
·     " An Intelligent algorithm for olive recognition at the digital intelligent olive pitting machine", Moteaal Asadi Shirzi, Z. Ghorbani, Agricultural Engineering International, International Commission of Agricultureal and Biosystems Engineering, 2014
·     "Identification of Anisotropic Nonlinear Soft Tissues Use of Optimized Locally Linear Neuro-Fuzzy Network", Moteaal Asadi Shirzi,, M.T. Ahmadian, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, ASME, 2014
·     Conversant with some fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering
·     Skillful in Mechatronics, designing Digital circuits. (Able to work with PLC, Microcontrollers, Sensors, Actuators, and familiar with CPLD, etc.)
·     Skillful in Machine Element Design and Manufacturing Specially Servomechanism
·     Able to work with Electric Devices, Controllable systems and Pneumatic, Hydraulic
·     Familiar with New Approaches in Engineering: Artificial Intelligence, Distributed AI, Behaviorism Architectures, Neural Networks, Fuzzy logic, Advanced Control, Biological Computation
·     Skillful in use of Machine tools such as Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Shear (sheet metal), Grinding machine, etc.
·     Computer Skills: Mechanical Desktop (CAD), Catia, Solid Works, Visual C#.net, Pascal, C, Protel DXP, Bascom, Matlab (Simulink) and other related software
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