In the name of God

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AbdolReza Babakhani

a photo from the sky called "The God's Eye", by the way, where is our location in the universe?

this web page is originally referred to but not limitted to my and my friends academic works

So I will be too happy everyone helps me to reconstruct and modify my webpage. The website is constructed because I believe that every graduated person should share in human's improvement. In holy books' God' says that human is born to improve and develop his culture.

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My interesting websites are listed below, however they are constructed in different fields:

my first university website: (Persian Gulf university)

my second university website: (Sharif university of technology)

my company website: (shipbuilding and designing)

my teacher's website: (Manager of Marine group)

my teacher's website: (the chief of the ISNAME)

my teacher's website: of the Science and Technology Minister)

my teacher's website:

my teacher's website: (Professor)

Here are my important papers:


In addition, you can download my lectures and research papers. click here

Here are my pictures: click here

You can download Free ship software wich is used to modelling marine vehicles and simple Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Analysis : click here

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