Vahid Fahimpour

Master Graduate of Materials Science and Engineering

Corrosion behavior of aluminum 6061 alloy joined by friction stir welding and gas tungsten arc welding methods

Materials and Design 39 (2012) 329-333

Magnesium nanopowder for hydrogen absorption and ammonium perchlorate decomposition

Materials Letters, 85 (2012) 128-131

Synthesis and characterization of magnesium nanoparticles

5th Joint Conference of Iranian Metallurgical Engineers Society and Iranian Foundry men s Society

Breakage mechanism during ball milling of Mg for nanopowder production

In: International Journal of Mineral Processing

Microstructure and mechanical property change during FSW and GTAW welding of Al6061 alloy

Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A



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Effect of magnesium nanoparticles on ammonium perchlorate activation

The 1th conference of Iranian Aircraft Structure Integrity Program

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