Career Profile

Cryptography is the main topic that I have finished my master's degree in this field at MUT. I received my BSc degree in Mathematics from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. My thesis project is "Study of Algebraic Attacks on Lightweight Block Cipher" under the supervision of Dr. Mahdi Sajadieh. In my master thesis, Analysis of various lightweight block ciphers, such as CTC, Present and PRIDE, then implement these ciphers with Python in SageMath and use other software like MAGMA and MiniSat(SAT-Solver) to compare the implementation, are the main purpose. Finally, this dissertation proposes a better algebraic attack with Gröbner bases and these results.


  1. Seyedmasoud Hosseini, Shahrooz Janbaz. Hats for thinking: mathematicians' magic tricks with hats.

  2. Mahdi Sajadieh(MSc Supervisor), Seyedmasoud Hosseini. Improve Algebraic Attacks on Lightweight Block Ciphers.

  3. Shahrooz Janbaz, Seyedmasoud Hosseini. cayley graphs & hash functions.

Projects & Research Experience

Study some problems about relation of Number Theory and basic principles in Cryptography - SUT (2015)
Preliminary studies on Quantum Cryptography under supervision Dr.Shahrooz Janbaz - (2016-2017)
Structure of new lightweight block cipher(PRIDE) under supervision Dr. Sayed Mahdi Sajadieh - IUT(2017-2018)
Application of Coding Theory in Game Theory under supervision Dr.Shahrooz Janbaz - (2017-2018)

Skills & Proficiency

Python & Django

SageMath & MAGMA & R

Java & C++ & C# & Android Programming