2013 - 2018

BSc in Petroleum Engineering

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

BSc Thesis: "Assessment of different models in prediction of hysteresis effect on relative permeability in the two phase flow", Supervised by Dr. Fatemi, Thesis Grade:19.8/20.

GPA: 18.42/20 (3.88/4)

2009 - 2013

High School Diploma in Mathematics and Physics

Allameh Tabatabaei High School, Tehran, Iran

Received Silver medal in Iran National Chemistry Olympiad, September 2012.

GPA: 19.8/20 (4/4)


July 2017 - September 2017

Drilling Engineer Intern

Pars Drilling Fluid Company, Tehran, Iran

Designed Drilling Circulation System Hydraulic with consideration of Hole Cleaning issues using Landmark Software (Engineering department)

Trained in the Drilling Fluid Lab (R&D department)

October 2013 - June 2014

Chemistry Teacher Assistant

Allameh Tabatabaei High School, Tehran, Iran

Prepared students for the first and second round of Chemistry Olympiad.


Software Skills: Ansys Fluent, COMSOL Multiphysics, AutoCAD, MATLAB, Python, OLGA, Landmark Drilling Software
Language Skills: Farsi (Native), English (Fluent)

research interests

Multiphase Flow in Pipes

Simulation of cutting transport to decrease cutting bed height and optimize hole cleaning. Gas Kick prevention by adjusting the rheology of drilling fluid. Simulation of gas/oil/water/sand multiphase flow using effective mathematic methods. 

Drilling Optimization

Solve drilling engineering challenges by AI techniques. Optimization of drilling parameters by learning from large databases.

Drilling Hydraulics

Minimizing frictional pressure loss calculation error. Investigation of temperature effect on drilling fluids rheology considering Herschel Bulkley model.


Top Student

  • Ranked as the 2nd top student among Undergraduate Students of Petroleum Engineering at the end of Bachelor's
  • Received Straight M.Sc. Admission offer to Petroleum Engineering Master program, Sharif University of Technology
  • Winner of the Financial Educational Reward from Iran's National Elites Foundation


  • 4th Place among 15 participants in second Petroleum Engineering Olympiad (Research Section) (in competition with Faculties, Industry Employees, and Postgraduate Students), Sharif University of Technology
  • Silver Medal, National Chemistry Olympiad, Iran.

Entrance Exam

  • Ranked 184 out of about 250000 students in the National Entrance Exam For Iranian universities



I'm interested in the genres of Still Life and High Speed Photography.



I like using graphic design softwares, and I won't stop learning them.

Playing Guitar

Playing pop songs on Acoustic Guitar entertains me. I don't follow it professionally.