Sharif University of Technology                                                                                         

                           Rasoul Hekmati                                               



M.Sc.: " An affine scaling trust-region approach to bound-constrained nonlinear systems"

           supervisor: Prof. N. Mahdavi Amiri.



Optimization, Nonlinear systems, Integral equations, Regularization, Inverse ill-posed problems, Chaos theory.


"On sensitivity of iterated methods to initial points in solving nonlinear system of equations and predict methods behavior far away from solution”, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 7(10): 317-327, 2013.

   Papers in the process of acceptance(in revision):

"On efficiency of non-monotone adaptive trust region and scaled trust region methods in solving nonlinear system of equations"  in international journal of optimization and control (JCOAM), Payame Noor university.

   Preparing papers:

" A new scaling matrix for improve STRN (Scaled Trust Region Newton method) for solving bound-constrained nonlinear system of equations "

 " A nonmonotone affine scaling trust region method for solving nonlinear systems of equations".






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