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Mobin Abdar Esfahani

Mechanical Engineer
Research Assistant at Sharif University of Technology


  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (Sep 2016 – Sep 2020)
    Overall GPA 3.98/4 (19.16/20) - Major GPA 4/4
    Thesis: “Design and Construct of Desired Magnetic Field and Gradient Production System in Three-Dimensional Space”, under supervision of Dr. Nejat
    . Selected Courses: Robotics, Automatic Control, Dynamics, Applied Electronics, Machine Elements Design II, Reverse Engineering, Dynamics of Machinery, Production Methods
  • High School Diploma in Mathematics and Physics, Sadat High School, Isfahan, Iran (Sep 2012 – Sep 2016)
    • Overall GPA 4/4 (19.68/20)

Research Interest

Control Systems
Micro/Nano Robotics
Digital Microfluidics
Design and Automation
Additive manufacturing 

Honors and Awards

- Acclaimed Bachelor Researcher in Mechanical Engineering department 2020
- Qualified by graduating with honors and ranked 3rd among mechanical engineering majors at Sharif University of Technology
- Receiving the award of academic achievement among the BSc students of the Mechanical Engineering department for 3 consecutive academic years: 2017-2020
- Member of Iran's National Elites Foundation 

Research Experience


  • A. Bahari, M. Abdar Esfahani, M. Taghipoor, Cost-effective Transparent Electrowetting Device with Liquid Electrodes
    (under revision).

Work Experience 

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Cofounder (Mar 2020 – Sep 2020)
         DocUp Startup, Tehran, Iran ( )
         A startup about telemedicine and follow up patients
  • Internship (480 hours) (Summer 2018, 2019)
         Borna Battery Company, Isfahan, Iran ( )
         Learning about the process of manufacturing car batteries and plastic injection
                   • Design and construction of a prototype device for measuring the water level of a car battery.
                   • Working on machine tools such as lathe machine and CNC

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant (Sharif University of Technology)
    • “Statics” with Dr. Alireza Taheri (Feb 2021 – Jul 2021)
    • “Reverse Engineering” with Dr. Hamid Haghshenas, (Feb 2020 – Jul 2020)
    • “Die Press Design” with Dr. Ahmad Assempour, (Feb 2020 – Jul 2020)
    • “Mechanical Engineering Graphics” with Dr. Hamid Haghshenas, (Feb 2017 – Jul 2017)

Course Projects

  • Modeling dynamic, motion planning and control of a Scara Robot using Simulink “Robotics”, Dr. Behzadipour, Fall 2019
  • Designing a plastic injection molding die of a cap filter, “plastic injection molding design”, Dr. Haghshenas,
    Fall 2019
  • Targeting different-colored moving objects by image processing using Python and Arduino software,
    “Applied Electronics”, Dr. Norimaki, Spring 2019
  • Reverse engineering of a toy using Geo-Magics in SolidWorks, “Reverse Engineering”, Dr. Haghshenas,
    Spring 2019
  • Control of a ball and beam system “Automatic Control”,
    Dr. Nejat, Spring 2019
  • Designing a die press, “Die Press Design”, Dr. Assempour Spring 2019
  • Designing a Hollow-Shaft gearbox, “Machine Elements Design 2”, Dr. Durali, Fall 2018
  • Designing a high-pressure vessel and saddle according to ASME section VIII “Machine Elements Design 1”,
    Dr. Durali Spring 2018
  • Coding a simple “C language” car game, “Intro Programming”, Dr. Falahnezhad, Fall 2016
  • Reverse engineering mechanisms and modeling of a sewing machine in SolidWorks,“Mech Engineering Graphics”,
    Dr. Haghshenas, Fall 2016

Technical Skills

  • Software: SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation, SolidWorks Geomagic, MATLAB, Simulink, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office
  • Programming: C, C++, Visual Basic, Arduino, Python (Image Processing)

Student Activities

  • Host of “12th Mechanical Industrial Festival”, Sharif University of Technology
  • Host of “University Major Selection Conference, Sharif University of Technology 2019”
  • Member of preparation team of most ceremonies held by Mehvar (Scientific Association of mechanical department)


  • English – Advanced (IELTS exam date on 23rd October 2021)
  • Persian – Native

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