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  w Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Sharif University of Technology Tehran, Iran, February 2001

w Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. Mashhad, Iran, September 1998  


 w Experienced engineer with 6 years experience in Wireless communication including 2 years as DECT WLL Engineer and 4 years as  GSM900/1800 RF Planning and Optimization Engineer.

4 years Experience as RF Planning and optimization Engineer including:
1-Year Experience in Huwaie GSM Network in Asiacell Co.
3-Years Experience in in MCI(Mobile Communication of Iran) Co that is Multi-vendor Company(Siemens,Ericson and Nokia).
Expert knowledge in GSM and GPRS
Good knowledge in WCDMA and UMTS

w Possess proficiency in:

DATA COLLECTION and Analysis TOOLS: TEMS (Ericsson5.1->6).
PLANNING AND DATA ANALYSIS TOOLS: Asset tools-> Hierarchical network planning, propagation modeling, coverage analysis, automatic frequency planning(ILSA)
Tools: Asset, Optima, MapInfo, Google Earth, and MIPT.

w  Computer-proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access and programming with C/C++ and Matlab.  

w  Highly motivated, dependable troubleshooter and problem-solver.

  w  Excellent communicator and good listener.

  w  Enthusiastic learner who quickly grasps concepts and technical skills.



Senior RF Engineer, Department of RF Planning & Optimization, Asiacell Co, Sullayimaniah, Iraq.December 2005 to January 2007.

w GSM Senior RF Engineer in AsiaCell Capacity Improvement from 2.2M subscribers to 4.5M based on marketing forecast for no. Of subscribers till end of 2007. To achieve the point, I suggested adding new Macro sites and in hotspots adding Micro sites and also using Repeaters for coverage improvement in some villages and roads.

  w Responsible of RF Planning and Optimization in North East Part of Iraq (Sullaymaniyah). Because central part of Asiacell co. is located in Sullaymaniyah, for company It’s the main city in Iraq then good signal coverage and quality is highly required so I have done numerous activities as RF planning and optimisation like: site survey (and preparing FSR), Physical parameter and Huwaie BSS parameter tuning in order to improve customer satisfaction by improvement on CSSR, HSR, Call Drop Rate, SDCCH Drop Rate, Handover Success Rate and other parameters.

w 1 Year Experience with Huwaie GSM systems. Here we tuned different Huwaie BSS parameters like: H.O parameters, T200, Half Rate parameters, C1, C2 parameters, Cell load sharing.

  w Working as a job trainer for local guys in order to transfer knowledge and proficiency to them.

 w Extracting data from many system measurement reports with writing some Macros with VBA in Excel in order to accelerate optimization process.

  RF Engineer, Department of RF Planning & Optimization, Mobile Telecommunication Center of Iran (MCI), Tehran, Iran. 2002 to 2005.

w  Utilizing Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens Base Station Systems

w Participate in “Iran Network Capacity Improvement from 2.5M to 6M ”project.

Plan network capacity improvements based on subscriber forecast, market call models and trending of performance and traffic data then recommending the search area and potential candidate selection.
Site selection and optimal cell placement based on factors relating to zoning restrictions, regulatory issues, handover status, path balance, RF interference, coverage footprint and capacity management based on RF propagation studies.
Generation of Coverage predictions, Co-channel/Adj-channel interference area plots, Suggestions to improve the coverage by skewing sectors, Downtilt/Uptilt or by using better gain antennas
RF Planning and providing FSR (Final Site Report). In FSR using Asset tools and SSR (Site Survey Report) We determined Height of Antennas, Site configuration, Sectors Azimuth, Type of antennas, Mechanical and Electrical Down tilt, BTS Type, Exact location of Antenna and Type of Mast.

w Making site redesign in “Height reduction project”.

Because of new sites it was important to reduce the height of existing antennas to reduce overshooting sites and preparing network to implement SFH in Tehran. so we surveyed existing sites and made new FSRs.

w Making frequency redesign in “Frequency reduction project from 124channels to 64 channels”.

Because of coming new operators such as Iran cell and Prepaid network, it was necessary to reduce the MCI usage of 900MHz Band. So we redesigned new frequencies carefully not to cause interference.

w   Implementing SFH (Slow Frequency Hopping) in Tehran.

Before Implementing SFH, in site redesign project because of Interference reduction we did height reduction project and tried to have a regular network with changing Sectors azimuth to 90o ,210o, 330o.
At first, we planned MAIO step, MAIO offset and HSN for SFH 1*3 so we had 3 MA list and MA list planning.
Finally we planned MAIO step, MAIO offset and HSN for SFH 1*1 and we had just one MA list.

w Contribute in "1800 Band Planning and Optimization” project.

Converting Single band sites to Dual band sites based on traffic data analysis.
Optimization of Dual band sites and setting 1800 & 900MHz band parameters to handle traffic properly between these two layers.
Implementation of frequency hopping SFH in GSM Dual-Band networks, HSN & MAIO planning, DTX, Power Control Handover Algorithms.

w Preparing 150 ACR (Approved Change Report) in Optimization project to modify mobile network KPIs including:

Handling of C/I issues by change of frequency, BTS Power, antenna configuration, parameters of site and neighboring sites, parameter adjustments and fine tuning for functioning of the network at optimum levels.
Generation of Coverage predictions, Co-channel/Adj-channel interference area plots, Suggestions to improve the coverage by skewing sectors, Downtilt/Uptilt or by using better gain antennas.

w Optimization of SFH in Shiraz (Central city of Fars province).

Doing Drive Test in Shiraz Streets and finding Interference and source of Interferences and overshooting sites and issuing 15 ACRs to do height reduction, changing Azimuth’s, HSN, BCCH s of sites.
Assessing KPI of network and issuing some ACRs to change Handover margin, tilt and power of sites to handle traffic properly between neighbor sites.

  w Passes these courses for professional development:

GSM overview
GSM Cell planning
GSM Cell Optimization
SFH (Slow Freq. Hopping) course
Nokia Ultrasite BTS
Nokia BSS Parameters
Nokia BSS Optimization


w Participate in conferences, and seminars for professional development including:

Dual band network and hierarchical cell planning, Ericsson
Dual band network and hierarchical cell planning, Nokia
Dual band network and hierarchical cell planning, Siemens
SFH principles and HSN, MAIO offset, MAIO step planning, AirCom Co.
Dual band Radio Cell Planning, AirCom Co.


DECT WLL Engineer, ERC (Electronic Research Center) Laboratory, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, February 2000 to December 2002.

w Investigation and Implementation of WLL Physical Layer and Data Link Layer Based on DECT standards.

w Design and Implementation of Interface between WLL Base station and PSTN Switch.

Good knowledge and experience in UMTS due to my MS/EE Thesis on: “UMTS Base Band and Radio Interface Simulation ,Assessment and Analysis also on GSM Evolution toward UMTS”, Sharif University of Tech., 1999-2000.