Mahdi Askari - Naval Architecture

  • BSc in Naval Architecture (School of Mechanical Engineering), Sharif University of Technology, 1996-2002.

  • MSc in Ship's Structure (School of Mechanical Engineering), Sharif University of Technology, 2004-2006. (But I dropped out of it at 2006) 


Contact Information





 +(9821) 9127376592

BSc Thesis Title:

Application of hydrofoil in catamaran vessels


Dr. Mohammad Saeed Seif

MSc Thesis Title:

Design of a tidal current turbine for the straight of Hormuz


Dr. Majid Abbaspour

Professional Experience

Member of Aerodynamic Division, 1999-2000

  • National Farnas Project

Research Assistance, July 2001- July 2006

Teacher Assistance, 2001-2003

  • Structural Analysis Course, Mechanical Engineering School, Sharif University of Technology

Referred Journal Publications

Seif M.S., Askari M., "Experimental Study on Hysucat Vessels", China Ocean Engineering, Vol. 18, No.3, pp.477-484, 2004, China Ocean Press, ISSN

Askari M. and Seif M.S., "Hydrodynamic Resistance Reduction in Catamaran Assisted Hydrofoils" (in persian), Esteghlal - Journal of Eng., Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 251-269, summer 2005, Isfahan University of Technology Press, FG FJ AGF ISSN 1025-2851.

Karimirad M., Askari M. and Seif M.S., "Investigation of Scale Effect Correction Factor in Ship Resistance Model Test" (in persian), Technical Note, Journal of Science and Research, No. 40, pp. 171-6, March 2008, Sharif University of Technology, ISSN 10248-7167.

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