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Kimia Akramikhaledi

cell: (+98- 912)- 2656008

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/kimia-akramikhaledi-0186071b4

Date of Birth: 1994 October 3

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o   Studding M.Sc. in Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch (I.A.U.), Tehran, Iran

Major in Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Hassan Zohoor

Great Point Average till now: 16.52/20 (3.23/4.0) 


September 2018 - September 2020

o   B.Sc. in Sharif University of Technology, International Campus- Tehran branch

Major in Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Hamed Moradi

Grade Point Average: 15.11/20 (3.03/4.0)


September 2013 - September. 2017

o   Pre-University in Physics and Mathematics

Grade Point Average: 17.94/20


September 2012 - June. 2013

o   High School Diploma in Physics and Mathematics

Graduation Grade Point Average: 19.11/20

September 2009 - June 2012



o    Assistive Technology

o    Exoskeleton

o    Rehabilitation Engineering

o    Bioengineering

o    Biomedical Engineering

o    Robotic surgery

o    Robotics

o    Image Processing

o    Modeling and Simulation of Biomechanics

o    Impact Biomechanics

o    Orthopedic Biomechanics


o   K. Akrami khaledi, R. Yekta, H. Zohoor. 2020. Exoskeleton with 2 degrees of freedom for fingers rehabilitation. I.R. Patent. 139950140003002985. Filed June 29, 2020. Patent Pending.

June 2020

o   K. Akrami khaledi, R. Yekta, 2020. Passive assistive exoskeleton for fingers. I.R. Patent. 139950140003002230. Filed June 6, 2020 and issued August 10 ,2020.

June 2020

o   K. Akrami Khaledi, H. Zohoor, Sh. Etemadi Haghighi, H. Soleimani Mehr, I.A.U. 2020. Passive exoskeleton for thumb rehabilitation. I.R. Patent. 139950140003001530. Filed May 13, 2020 and issued August 3, 2020.

May 2020

o   K. Akrami khaledi, R. Yekta. 2020. Winch with adjustable speed. I.R. Patent. 139950140003001000. Filed April 29, 2020. Patent Pending.

April 2020


o   Internship as a designer in rolling mill and angle bar in The Iranian Sepehr Steel Factory, Shahid Zavaree Industrial park, Tehran, Iran.

Summer 2016 and Summer 2017

o   Cooperating in designing and optimizing a gearbox for plate rolling mill project, Rezaei melt and casting, Abbas abad Industrial park, Tehran, Iran.

Spring 2020


o Designing and building a one-DOF, passive type with the cable mechanism robot to rehabilitate the thumb

This is my Master thesis. This exoskeleton is designed to rehabilitate the thumb opposition movement, which is one DOF (degrees of freedom) and a passive type with the cable mechanism. This robot use middle finger to move thumb, middle finger flexion/extension movements make thumb to do opposition movements.



April 2019-September 2020

o   Cooperating in designing and building an active, cable mechanism with 2 degrees of freedom exoskeleton for fingers rehabilitation.

One degree of freedom is considered for 4 fingers and another one for thumb. This robot can do flexion/extension movements for 4 fingers and do Pinch and Opposition movements for thumb. servo motors and ARDUINO microprocessor are used in this robot and also all of its parts are built by 3D printer. hereunder is a brief video of this exoskeleton


September 2018-August 2020


o   Analyzing bond graph model of a 3- joint string- tube actuated finger prosthesis.

January 2020_June 2020

o   Simulating a 2R robot in Simulink MATLAB, extracting its dynamic equations and designing feedback, observer, LQR controllers.

September 2019_January 2020

o   Analyzing Two- dimensional truss FEM equations in MATLAB.


September 2019_January 2020


o   Programming Languages




o   Software Skill

SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, SIMULINK MATLAB (Simscape), Carrier, and Microsoft Office


o   Graphic Software Skill

Corel Draw, Swish Max(animation), Photoshop




o   The Third- Degree Swimming Coach Certification.


Fall 2016

o   Winning The- Third Place in the "Jam Aghigh" Competitions at Visual Arts of Sharif University of technology in the field of "Chiaroscuro".


 Winter 2018

o   Participation in Artistic Swimming Training Camp Certification, Babolsar city, Mazandaran.


Summer 2019


o   TOFEL IBT: 81/120

Reading 18, Listening 20, Speaking 22, Writing 21

August 2020


o   Prof. Hassan Zohoor, Professor, Ph.D. Purdue University, U.S.A (1978)

Center of Excellence in Design, Robotics and Automation, Sharif University of Technology; Academician, Academy of Sciences of IR Iran.

Email: zohoor@sharif.edu

Curriculum Vitae (CV): Hassan Zohoor



o   Dr. Hamed Moradi, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Email: hamedmoradi@sharif.edu

site: http://mech.sharif.ir/~hamedmoradi/



o   Dr. Shahram Etemadi Haghighi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University

Email: setemadi@srbiau.ac.ir

Google Scholar: Shahram Etemadi Haghighi



Iran, Tehran, Sharif University of Technology