Kioumars Afshari


Teaching Experimental Soil Mechanics:

I have taught experimental soil mechanics including teaching theory and coordinating the lab. Sessions in Spring 2010 and Fall 2010 semesters (Assisted Prof. S.M Haeri). I have vast experiences in soil mechanics lab experiments, such as Hydrometry, Atterberg limits, Compaction, CBR, Uniaxial test, Odeometer, Direct Shear, and Triaxial tests (CD, CU, and UU).


Teaching Foundation Engineering:

Fall 2011 semester (Assisted Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadi)



Building Models and Maquettes:

I have built 4 radio controlled airplanes (without any prefabricated kits) and also I have built several architectural models such as a 1:200 maquette of upper station of Ramsar telecabin & a 1:100 scale maquette of civil engineering department building in Sharif university of technology. (Pictures of these models are available here)


Collaboration with Sharif Civil Magazine:

Sharif Civil Magazine is the first Iranian student magazine established in 1990. As well as publication of the magazine, all extracurricular affairs in the Civil Engineering department of Sharif University of Technology are organized by Civil Magazine.

I have collaborated with Civil Magazine as a member of editorial board (volumes 40 & 41), and I also have organized several scientific field trips and mountain climbing tours, such as two field trips to the dams on the Karun river in southern Iran, and a mountain climbing trip to the mount Kamankooh in northern Iran.














Sharif University of Technology