Kioumars Afshari


M.Sc. Thesis:

Thesis: Implementing a Two-Yield Surface Thermo-Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Model Developed by Abuel-Naga et al. (2007, 2009) in a Finite Element Code "PISA" and Numerical Study of the Effect of Temperature on the Performance of Prefabricated Vertical Drains (Application to ground improvement),Numerical Modelling of ATLAS In-situ Test, and Thermally-Induced Stresses in Thermopiles


Advisor: Prof. Ali Pak



- "PISA" is a code in FORTRAN language, capable of conducting fully coupled Thermo Hydro Mechanical (THM) analyses for soils and rocks. The first version of this program was developed at the University of Alberta, known as "SAGE".


- I have added the following features to this program:


1- I have implemented the Thermo-Elastic-Plastic constitutive model developed by Abuel-Naga et al. (2007, 2009) in this code from scratch, giving "PISA" the capability of modeling thermal consolidation and simulating the thermo-plastic behavior of soils.


2- I have given "PISA" the capability of simulating the effect of temperature on the viscosity of pore water, which affects the hydraulic conductivity of soils and in turn, the rate of consolidation.


3- Adding the ability of simulating the effect of temperature on the thermal expansion coefficient of water, which is the determinant of thermally-induced excess pore water pressures.


4- The Ability of Conducting Gravity Analysis to Obtain Initial Stresses




Preparing a complete report on "Environmental Impacts due to Tailings Dams and mining wastes"

As a project for the course "Environmental Geotechnics" after studying a wide variety of textbooks, articles, websites, and interview with experts in mining engineering, I have prepared a complete report on environmental problems with mining and mining wastes, such as Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in tailings dams and tailings piles, closed open-pit and underground mines, Environmental impacts due to failure of tailings dams, and mechanical and chemical tests on mining wastes.


I prepared this report as a course project first, but after that, I extended this report and prepared an article on this topic in Sharif Civil Magazine (K.Afshari, "Environmental Impacts due to Tailings Dams", Sharif Civil Magazine (40), pp. 50-54.)

Sharif University of Technology