Hiam Gerdabi

I am a language person!

I am a language person!!

Teacher of English as a foreign language

 Areas of interest

Literary Onomastics

 Do writers use character names to attract attention to their general plots and purposes?

American and British Realism and Naturalism

 It is easy to be CORRECT but never easy to be TRUE.

I am multilingual knowing Persian, English, Arabic and Kurdish; in my home all these languages are spoken on daily bases.

Academy for me came in English in higher levels of education. The first step was to get acquainted with English culture through their Literature. This was a turning for me point as ever since, the fascination with this aspect of language has followed my through. Then I tried a different phase and went down the road of theoretical studies. I picked TEFL to get a more practical insight as a teacher.

Career and money making  has always come pretty serious. I have been a teacher for more than 6 years now. But as I am a multidimensional person travel industry is the other major career rout that I took in order to quench my thirst for experiencing language and cultural difference on tangible basis.

Social Onomastics

 Society comes with a thousand internal rules that manage different groups of people and their mind sets. One way to keep a track of this variety is by categorizing People‚Äôs name.

Critical Discourse Analysis in Literature

 Read a literary work while you keep an eye out for those signs underneath to lead through to a new set of meanings.

Brilliant Quote

"The limits of my language means the limits of my world."


-Ludwig Wittgenstein


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