Hamed  Farrahi

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My email addresses are:

h.farrahi @ gmail.com
hfarrahi @ alum.sharif.edu



             Current Research Area

                  Microstrip Antenna Array Design (low Sidelobe Level, Switchable Polarization)

                  Biconical antenna with polarizer


              Research & Work Experience (Design & Fabrication)

                   Parabolic Reflector Antenna (Low Sidelobe Level, S band)

                   Shaped reflector antenna  (Cosecant squared pattern, X band)   

                   Corner Reflector Antenna (L band)   

                   Pyramidal and Conical horn Antennas  (Up to 40 GHz)

                   Wideband Horn Antenna (2-18 GHz)

                   Horn Array Antenna (X Band)

                   Bowtie Antenna (UHF Band)

                  Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna (2-12 GHz)

                   Waveguide Rotary Joint (X Band)

                   Ultra Wideband Diplexer (2-26.5 GHz)


             Software Skills

             HP-HFSS, Ansoft HFSS, Ansoft Designer, IE3D, FEKO, Microwave Office, CST, Grasp, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office


             Areas of Interest

             Application of Axiomatic Design Theory in antenna & Microwave component design



             Low Sidelobe Level Reduction methods in Reflector Antenna, The first Conference on Phase Array Radar, Iran, Tehran, 2002

               Axiomatic Design Application in Electronic Systems Design, MS.c Project, 2006

               Application of Axiomatic Design Theory in Electrical Engineering, The Fourth International Conference on Axiomatic Design                 Firenze, Italy  June 13-16, 2006

               Combline Filter Design Review According the Axiomatic Design Method, to be submitted to IEEE Journal