Ali Fozooni
Co-Founder of Chanka
CMO & Strategist, Ostadkar.pro
fozooni_ali@alum.sharif.edu, fozooni.ali@gmail.com

Research Interests
Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Journal Papers
Mohamad Ali Fakhari, Amir Rahimi, Mohammad Sadegh Hatamipour, Ali Fozooni “Non-isothermal modeling of simultaneous CO2 and SO2 removal in a semi-dry spouted bed reactor” in Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 2015
Mohamad Ali Fakhari, Amir Rahimi, Mohammad Sadegh Hatamipour, Ali Fozooni “Experimental study of simultaneous removal of CO2 and SO2 in a spouted bed reactor” in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2017
Conference Papers
Ali Fozooni, Mehrdad Farhadian, Maedeh Pahlevaninezhad “Meat processing industries wastewater treatment through a novel biological package” in the 8th international conferences on Biotechnology and 4th national conferences on Biosafety, 2013, Tehran, Iran
Mohamad Ali Fakhari, Amir Rahimi, Mohammad Sadegh Hatamipour, Ali Fozooni “Kinetic model on the reaction between CO2 and CA(OH)2 in the presence of SO2” in 14th national conferences on Chemical Engineering, 2012, Tehran, Iran

Ostadkar.pro | The Largest Online Platform For Home Services in Iran Tehran, Iran CMO and Strategist May 2018-Present, I do Strategy, Business development, and leading marketing department in the company. Sharif Accelerator Tehran, Iran Startup Mentor Dec 2017-Present, Sharif accelerator is the leading technology accelerator in Iran located in Sharif University of Technology. Chanka | Technology Startup Tehran, Iran Founder and CEO April 2017-May 2018, I founded Chanka and it’s is the leading influencer marketing platform in Iran. Chanka has acquired by a bigger company. Hamtag | Technology Startup Tehran, Iran Co-founder and CEO April 2015-June 2016, I co-founded Hamtag and it was a distributed content platform to change content distribution all over the world.

Community Engagement
Sharif University of Technology entrepreneurship community Tehran, Iran.
Consultant 2013-Present

National Organization of Chemical Engineering Tehran, Iran
Member of the Board 2011-2012
board decides the distribution of facilities and events like seminars, conferences … in the country. I and elected as a board member from all chemical engineer students in Iran.

Association of Chemical Engineering Department Isfahan, Iran
Executive Manager 2010-2012
I was the manager of the scientific students group in the department.

Chem. Eng. Magazine Isfahan, Iran
Managing Editor 2010-2012
I restarted to publishing a notable Chemical Engineering journal in the country.

National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents Tehran, Iran