Freelance Research Assistant & Consultant - Water Resources, Climate Change, Climate Extremes; and a social activist

Farzad Hosseini Hossein Abadi

I am a Climate Change researcher in Water Resources Planning, Management and Engineering.

Except engineering works and researches, as a Human Activist I have been working as a Volunteer with some of the United Nations organizations and International/local NGOs and Charities in the Middle East for more than a decade.

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Here I share some innovative ideas from myself and other researchers in technology that would help the Earth and Human Being...
Also, I share the latest news on Climate Change and the Earth as well as needed actions. Sometimes, I also share my studies and researches in relevant fields with all in my connections.
Thanks for your feedback everybody!

Climate Extremes

Global Warming and Climate Change

In recent decades we have been observant of changes in the world�s climate conditions; we are seeing unprecedented droughts and floods, heavy precipitation events, heat waves, cold spells, tropical and extratropical storms, coastal sea level surges and extreme ocean waves. These climate extremes have brought unanticipated consequences on the security of agricultural sector as the most vital source of our food.

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Farzad, Oct. 01, 2019

Carbon Sinks and Carbon Sources



Recently, I have become interested in novel ideas to combat climate change and an idea came to my mind to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. I lately, wrote about it here. Then I read about some works in Geoengineering and this is a PowerPoint on the issues related to Carbon Sinks. Click to see


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Farzad Sep. 12, 2019

Machine Learning

Kernel Methods in Machine Learning


My presentation can be seen here




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Farzad, Nov. 21, 2018