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I’m currently a first-year Ph.D. student in the Network Systems Laboratory (NSLab) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and I am doing research under the supervision of Professor Dejan Kostic and Professor Gerald Q. "Chip" Maguire Jr.
I have received my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Electronics) from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran and My M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Digital Electronic Systems) From Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
My research interests include Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, with a focus on Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).


Programming Skills

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    Assembly x86

More of my credentials.


Ph.D. Degree

August 2017 - Present

Master Degree

September 2015 - July 2017

Amirkabir University of Technology

Electrical Engineering - Digital Electronics System
Thesis: Resource Allocation in Software-Defined Networks (SDN) for 5G Applications
Advisor: Dr. Sharifian

Bachelor Degree

September 2010 - July 2015

Sharif University of Technology

Electrical Engineering - Electronics
Dissertation: Design of Exoskeletal System for Wrist and Forearm
Advisor: Dr. Jahed



May 2017

The Journal of Computer Communications - Elsevier

A. Farshin, S. Sharifian
A Chaotic Grey Wolf Controller Allocator for Software Defined Mobile Network in 5th Generation of Cloud based Cellular Systems
DOI: 10.1016/j.comcom.2017.05.003


March 2017

The Journal of Supercomputing - Springer

A. Farshin, S. Sharifian
MAP-SDN: a metaheuristic assignment and provisioning SDN framework for cloud datacenters
DOI: 10.1007/s11227-017-2001-2

Work Experience

Portal Specialist

December 2015 - June 2016

Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCCI)

  • Portal and Mobile Application Supervisor:

iOS & Android Developer

Fall 2013


Developing a mobile application for finding near Coffee Shops


June 2013 - September 2013

Informatics Services Corporation (ISC)

  • Port a RF Unit Controller from PIC-16F877A to AtMega64A and test the new module
  • Design a Remote-Control System with HM-T and HM-R FSK Modules
  • Design a Identification-Tag System
  • Reading about Switching Power Supply Topologies

Summer Intern

June 2012 - September 2012

Informatics Services Corporation (ISC)

Doing research on Expansion Buses and Digital Data Transfer

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