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Welcome to My Website!

My name is Mohammad Hassan Falakmasir (محمد حسن فلک مسير) and I prefer to be called "falak".

I recieved my Master's Degree in Information Technology Engineering from Sharif University of Technology on September 2010.

I am currently working for Iranian Supreme Council of ICT as an Information Technology Specialist, concentrating on the field of E-Learning.

Email: MyLastName [at] alum [dot] sharif [dot] edu

My Research Profile

My Bachelor's studies were mainly about computer software engineering and my thesis was focused on e-learning software platforms. During my Master's studies I focused on Data Mining concepts and their application in educational systems. I am also interested in:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence, OLAP, and Data Warehousing
  • Fault Tolerant Systems and Dependable Software Systems
  • Software Architecture and Software Quality Assurance

Our Research Lab.


Performance Evaluation and Software Engineering laboratory (PSEL) at the Computer Engineering Department is one of the leading research laboratories in Sharif University of Technology, because of the number of projects in hand and amount of papers published. The lab is running under the supervision of Dr Jafar Habibi, the head of CE Department.

Latest Papers


E-mail: MyLastName [at] alum [dot] sharif [dot] edu

Tell: +98(21)88322204-7 (232)

Postal Address: Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology, No. 358, Motahhari Ave., Tehran, Iran.

Postal Code: 15875-3499 - SCICT
Postal Code: 1655696586 - Home