Amir Eskafi “Amir Eskafi” Amir Reza Eskafi Sabet “Amir Reza Eskafi Sabet” Amirreza Eskafi “Amirreza Eskafi” Amirreza Eskafisabet “Amirreza Eskafisabet”

                  Amir R. Eskafi Sabet




Academic Information:

·  PhD Student, Policy-making, A.T.U. (Allameh Tabatabaei University), Tehran, Iran, 2012

·  MBA (Master of Business Administration), Strategic Management, A.T.U., Tehran, Iran, Apr. 2006;

Honored as the Top-Student (Rank 1); CGPA: 18.65 out of 20

Thesis:The Strategic Reference Points-Based Organization (in Strategy Implementation): 19/20 

·  B.Sc, Industrial Engineering, Systems Analysis & Plan, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran,

Iran, Sep. 2001

Thesis: The required IT Infrastructures for Developing an E-Payment System in Iran: 19/20 

·  Math & Physics Diploma, Iranian Center for Education of Exceptional Talents, Rasht, Iran, Sep. 1996

CGPA: 18.88 out of 20


Research Interests:

·  Strategic Management

·  Public Policymaking

·  Organization Science

·  System Dynamics

·  Information Technology

·  National Development



·  Iranian Atlas Construction Corporation, 2012

Project Manager,

Holding Structuring Project

·  Industrial Managament Institute, 2012

Member of Strategic Management Consulting Group

·  Omran Ghods Co., 2012

Planning Consultant

·  Niroo Research Institute, 2011-2012

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning for electricity generation for the next 30 years in Iran

·  Parsa Cultural Institute, 2011

Strategic Planning Consultant

·  Saba Tadbir Parseh Athletic Services, 2011

Managing Director

·  Tose’e Eskan Shahr Co., 2011

Management and Planning Consultant

·  Persepolis Athletic Co., 2009-2011

Vice-President, Deputy Managing Director in Management Development, Strategic Management Consultant

·  Kharazmi IT Holding., 2010

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning

·  Kharazmi Construction Co., 2009-2010

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning

·  Sina-Darou Pharmaceuticals, 2009

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning

·  Ministry of Energy, 2008-2009

Water branch project director,

Strategic Planning

·  Sobhan-Darou Pharmaceuticals, 2008-2009

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning

·  Hoojestan General Contractor Co., 2008-2009

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning

·  Mazandaran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Co., 2007-2008

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning

·  Monenco Engineering Consultants Co., 2007


Strategic Planning

·  Iran Scientific Map (Strategic Plan for Science in Iran), 2007-2008

Consultant in National-scale Strategic Planning

·  Mazandaran Wood & Paper Industries (Largest Paper Manufacturer in Iran), 2007

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning

·  TEMAD API Pharmaceuticals (Largest Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients manufacturer in Iran), 2007

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning

·  Niroo Research Institute, 2006


Strategic Planning for Nuclear Power Plants Development in Iran

·  Tolid-Darou Pharmaceutical, Hygiene & Cosmetics Co., 2006

Project Manager,

Strategic Planning

·  Iranian Management Clinic, 2006-2009

Director of Strategic Management Department

·  Iran Veterinary Organization, 2004-2005

Project Executing Manager

Business Process Reengineering

·  Sama-Samaneh IT Co., 2005


IT Strategic Planning

·  Emad Semiconductors Co., 2004,


National-scale Strategic Planning in Nanotechnology

·  Sarira Management & Planning Consulting Co., 2004-2006

Strategic Planning Director

·  Technology Development Institute, 2003,


National-scale Strategic Planning in Micro-electronics

·  Parsa-Moshaver International Engineering Consultant, 2003

Project Manager,

“Toolmakers’ Advanced Managerial Package” Project for Iran Toolmakers Society

·  Pars Shahab Co., 2002

Systems Analyst,

System Dynamics Analysis through BSC model

·  Center for Automation & Systems Productivity, 2001-2002,

Systems Analyst, Head of Working Team

“E-Payment Systems for Fuel Purchase in Iran” Project for Iran Fuel Consumption Organization (IFCO)

·  Mega Motor Co., Engine Production Unit, 2001

Industrial Engineering Analyst,

Improvement of production lines


Teaching Experience:

·  Lecturer: Bahar High Education Institute, 1-year MBA, “Strategic Planning”, 2012-13

·  Lecturer: A.T.U. (Allameh Tabatabaei University), Bachelors of Business Management, “Strategic Planning”, 2011

·  Lecturer: Mahan Business School, 1-year MBA, “Strategic Planning”, 2010

·  Lecturer: Tehran University Entrepreneurship Center, 1-year MBA, “Strategic Planning”, 2009

·  Lecturer: NAJA Excellence Center, Excellence Course, “Strategic Planning”, 2008

·  Teaching Assistant: Sharif University of Technology, Bachelors of Industrial Engineering, “Essentials of Computer”, 2000-2002


Publications & Conferences:

·  “Executing Strategy for Business Results, Harvard Business School Publications”, Under Translation, 2012.

·  Hax Arnold C. & Nicolas S. Majluf, “The Srtategy Concept and Process”, Translation Under Publication, 2012.

·  “Strategy Implementation: SRP-Based Organization”, Yeditepe International Research Conference on Business Strategies, June 2010, Istanbul, Turkey.

·  “Strategic Management Essentials”, Guilan Economy & Industry Magazine, 2008.

·  “Strategy Implementation: SRP-Based Organization”, 5rd National Conference on R&D Institutes in Industries & Mines, Tehran, Iran, 2005.

·  “The Effects of Strategic Fit of Organizational Elements on the Organization's Performance”, 1st Strategic Management Conference, Tehran, Iran, 2007.

·  “Strategy Implementation: SRP-Based Organization”, 2nd National Conference on Strategic Management in Strategy-Based Organizations, Tehran, Iran, 2007

·  “Handbook of Strategic Planning”, Coauthor, S.M. A’arabi, Cultural Research Bureau, 1st ed., 2005.


Honors and Awards:

·  Certified from Iranian Center for Education of Exceptional Talents, Rasht, Iran, 1996

·  Top-Student (Rank 1) at MBA program, Allameh Tabatabaei University, continuously from 2002 to 2006

·  Certified for “The Effect of Strategic Fit of Organizational Elements on the Organization’s Performance” Article, 1st International Strategic Management Conference, Tehran, Iran, 2007

·  Certified for “Strategy Implementation: SRP-Based Organization” Article, 2nd National Conference on Strategy-Based Organizations, Tehran, Iran, 2007

·  Honored an “Excellent Level” Certificate from Iranian Calligraphy Association, 1989



·  National Foundation for Elites

·  Iran Strategic Management Society

·  Iran Management Association

·  Iranian Institute of Industrial Engineering

·  Sanaye Magazine (Industrial Engineering Student’s Magazine in Iran)



English Language Proficiency: iBT 94

French Language Proficiency: Advanced (C1)

Internet Skills: Advanced (Advanced user of Internet search engines & professional websites)

Computer Skills: ICDL Certificate

Advanced user of Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint), VENSIM, Select, IDEF0, Visio, etc.


Extracurricular Activities:

·  Sanaye Magazine (Industrial Engineering Students’ Magazine in Iran), Sharif University of Technology, 1997 to 2001

Deputy of Research,

Research Manager,

Founder of Research Groups in Industrial Engineering Department

·  7th National Industrial Engineering Conference, Sharif University of Technology, 1998

Executive Board Member

·  Member of school’s soccer and ping-pong team, 1992-1995

·  Member of Rasht swimming team, 1990-1994



·  Reading, especially civilizations development, philosophy of science and history

·  Learning French language

·  Persian calligraphy

·  Drawing

·  Sports, especially soccer, ping-pong and swimming

·  Playing guitar