Arash ghazi

Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Azadi Avenue, Tehran, IRAN

+98.21.4405.4786 (tel), +98.912.844.3439 (cell)











Date of Birth: 6/26/1987

Marital Status: Single



Research Interest


Renewable energy,

 Computational Fluid  Dynamics (CFD)

Heat Transfer and energy Conversion

 Process Integration




M.Sc. In Energy Systems Engineering                                                                        [2009-2011]

Sharif University of Technology (SUT), Tehran, Iran

GPA: Total[16.67/20]

I worked on :”implementing of Waste Materials as a Source of Energy in Sharif University of technology Campus”

Advisor: Dr. R. Roshandel


B.Sc. In Mechanical Engineering                                                                                 [2005-2009]

Bu-ali Sina University , Hamedan, Iran 

GPA: Total[15.26/20]

Thesis:” Design and Manufacture of a Remote Control Boat With Special Features”

Thesis Advisor: Dr. M . Goudarzi



 Thermodynamics  Course - Teaching Assistant                                                      [2008-2 Semesters]

  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering , Course Professor: Dr. M.Goodarzi

 Bu-Ali Sina University ,Hamedan, Iran


Fluid Mechanics Course - Teaching Assistant                                                         [2008-2 Semesters]

Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering, Course Professor: Dr. M.Goodarzi, Dr. H.Ahmadikia

Bu-Ali sina University ,Hamedan, Iran


Visual Nastran instructor-                                                                                          [2007-1 Semesters]

Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering, Course Professor: Dr. A.R.Shushtari

Bu-Ali Sina University ,Hamedan, Iran





-A.Ghazi, F.vesali, A.ghavamian, The Clutches fusiform design and comparing its performance with a variety of conventional clutches, “16th Iranian  society of mechanical engineers (ISME ’16)”, Kerman, Iran, May 2007.

-A.Ghazi, F.vesali, A.ghavamian, H.mansoobi, M.goodarzi, Experimental analysis of the efficiency of Kurt nozzle on small boats, “17th Iranian society of mechanical engineers (ISME ’17)”, Tehran, Iran, May 2009.

-M.kolagar, A.Ghazi, S.safarian bana, M.barazade, Economic evaluation among various technologies to satisfy heat demand of Shushtar, “19th Iranian society of mechanical engineers (ISME ’19)”, Shiraz, Iran, May 2010.

-A.Ghazi, M.kolagar, S.safarian bana, M.barazade ,  simulation of Gasifier technology  in the lime industry, “th National Renewable Energy Award ”, Tehran, Iran, Nov 2010.






RC-Boat 1st National competition first award                                                                      [2007]                                             

Exceptional talent of Bu-ali sina university award                                                              [2008]                                      

Optimum Design of  propulsion system in RC-Boat competition award                         [2007]                  

National festival moves award as a best innovator                                                            [2009]                                     




Certificate of Attendance in How to Publish a Scientific Journal Article by Springer

Certificate of ‘’the milling machine CNC ‘’ from Technical and Vocational Training Organization                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Certificate of ‘’ Hydraulics and Pneumatics ‘’ from Technical and Vocational Training Organization                                                                                                                                                                                             

Certificate of ‘’ ICDL ‘’ from Technical and Vocational Training or Organization           



Research and Accomplished Projects


-Design and Manufacture of a Remote Control Boat

-Usage of Renewable Energy Technologies for Sharif University of Technology Campus as a Green University 

-implement of Drain water and Waste Material as a Source of Energy in Sharif University Energy Research Institute

-Natural Convection in Triangular Enclosures with Protruding Isothermal Heater.



Extracurricular activities


-Member of the Edition Team in "Energy Magazine of Energy Systems Engineering Graduates and Students of Sharif University of Technology".                                                         

-Graphic Designer of Freshman Guide of Energy Systems Engineering                      




- Engineering Software:

- skillful with Solid works , visual Nastran

- Experienced with Marine Industry Software such as:  Maxsurf,  Autoship

- Programming Languages:

 - Comprehensive Knowledge in Fortran

 - Experienced  in  MATLAB

- Other Software:

- MS Office,  Open Office .

- Also familiar with Multimedia and Design Software such as: Photoshop, Adobe premier, etc.



  - ENGLISH: Speak, Write and Read Fluently. (TOEFL : 10 Nov 2012)

 - TOEFL (iBT)  TOTAL SCORE =  89      [R=27, L=24, S=20, W=18]

 - FRENCH : Basic Understanding, Speak, Write and Read

 - PERSIAN (FARSI): Native


Intrests and Activity

 - Listening to music

 - Surfing the web
 - Swimming

 - Mountain Climbing
 - calligraphy


What doesnt kill me, make me stronger!