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Arash Ghasempour Farsani

Computational Fluid Dynamics Developer

I have +6 years' experience on CFD programming. A love of clean, elegant styling, and lots of experience in the simulation of various type of flow regims espacially combustion and multiphase flow. Knowing the concepts of turbulence, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and reacting flows very well, opened a way for me to study and learn various types of fluid flows. I have strong interest in setup and carry out experimental studies using state of the art laser-based fluid diagnosis technics, such as particle velocimetry, laser-induced fluorescence for various multiphase and combustion flows. Also, I have experience to provide experimental data of sub/supersonic flows in wind tunnel.



Master of Science

Sharif University of Technology
Aerospace Engineering

Numerical simulation of cryogenic hydrogen-oxygen combustion under subcritical conditions as M.Sc. thesis under supervision of Prof. A.Mardani and Prof. M.Farshchi, Sharif University of Technology.

Keywords: MASCOTTE A-10, Subcritical cryogenic combustion, Discrete phase method, Eddy dissipation concept.


Bachelor of Science

Malek Ashtar University of Technology
Aerospace Engineering

Development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based on mission of forest fire detection as B.Sc. thesis under the supervision of Prof. M.Azizi, Malek Ashtar University of Technology.

Keywords: Twin boom configuration,Forest fire detection, Fabric-glass composite.



Mohammad Bagher HighScool
math & Physics

Ranked 5210 among 500,000 participants in the national university entrance examination for Graduate Studies



Salehin HighScool
math & Physics

Ranked 1st among approximately 100 students in High School


[1] Mardani, A., Ghasempour Farsani, A., Farshchi, M., “Numerical investigation of gaseous hydrogen and liquid oxygen combustion under subcritical condition”, Energy&Fuels20193399249-9271, DOI: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.9b02050, August 26, 2019.

[2] Ghasempour Farsani, A., Mardani, A., Farshchi, M., “Numerical study of cryogenic multiphase combustion”, Iranian Combustion Institute Conference, Mash’had, Iran, 2016.

[3] Ghasempour Farsani, A., Kasiri, A., “Effect of air flow distribution on soot formation and NOX concentration in a liquid fuel combustor”, 3rd propulsion society conference, Isfahan, Iran, 2015.

My Skill











ANSYS Fluent




Adobe Photoshop & CorelDRAW



Development of a single injector combustor to study cold and hot multiphase flows

To understand the physical phenomena happen in various range of sub and supercritical combustion, a scientific facility is developing at Sharif University of Technology. The combustor consists of a single hollow post injector injects liquid oxygen and gaseous hydrogen. Numerical investigation of processes which occur in combustion chamber was my task such as spray and droplets distribution, evaporation and mixing, ignition and chemical reactions. Various types of mathematical models were selected and performed in this study. ANSYS Fluent, CHEMKIN, MATLAB, C++ and FORTRAN were used

Prediction of droplet size distribution after secondary breakup

A modeling was carried out by a FSBM model to investigate the performance of atomizers, from breakup point of view. The mathematical model was implemented and solved in MATLAB programming environment. The aim of the project was to predict the droplet size distribution after secondary breakup according to the self-similarity of droplet breakup. The experimental data of an air-blast atomizer was used to validate the modeling.

Effect of air flow distribution on soot formation and NOX concentration in a liquid fuel combustor

A numerical model was developed for spray combustion in a combustor admitting air as co-axial primary and secondary streams. The mathematical model was implemented in OpenFOAM. Turbulent closure, combustion field properties, heat transfer and NOx concentration were evaluated by k-e RNG, PDF model, Discrete ordinate model and prompt/Zeldovich mechanisms, respectively. The model was validated with experimental data. Related paper has been presented in 3rd propulsion society conference.

Numerical comparison of combustion process in an aluminum melting furnace with liquid pentane and natural gas

In order to optimization of an aluminum furnace, numerical simulations were carried out to investigate the effect of fuel type .The choice of fuel to be used in an industrial furnace can be of extreme importance, having a direct effect on its performance, on the level of temperature and pollutants emissions. This project was studied in R&D office of Petro Pishtaz Spadan Co. and ANSYS Fluent was used.

Development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based on mission of forest fire detection

A twin boom configuration UAV was developed to observe and detect the fire in the north forest of Iran. The UAV was designed to endure 2 hours carried 5 kg of payload which has a wing span of 2.9 m. To reduce the weight, fabric/glass composite was used

Finite Difference Method (FDM) modeling of creeping flow, acoustic wave propagation, flow in de Lovol nozzle, etc

In series of studies, various physical phenomena and related mathematical models (PDE) were discretized to model with FDM. In this purpose, different schemes with respect to types of PDE, boundary conditions and initial conditions were performed and solved by FORTRAN language.


Hands-on Exprience in

  • utilization of optical diagnosis such as Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA), Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF)

  • investigation of fluid flows into sub-supersonic wind tunnel by means of total pressure rake, static pressure taps, force balance, hotwire velocity probes and optical diagnosis such as Schlieren Flow Visualization

Contact Info

Contact Info


Aerospace Department, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi St, Tehran, Iran





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