Alireza Farzampour





Journals and Conferences

 Seismic Hazard Assessment For Eastern of Iran, Journal of Earthquake and Structures, TechnoPress, Accepted.

 Analysis of Corrugated Steel Shear Walls with and without Rectangular Opening, The Journal of Thin-Walled Structure, In Second Revision.

  Performance of Tuned Mass Dampers in Vibration Control of a Base-excited Mid-rise Shear Building, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, In Review.

Investigation of Tuned Mass Dampers Efficiency in Vibration Control   of High-Rise Shear Buildings Using Wavelet Transform, IMAC, Accepted.

Time-scale blind source separation using independent component analysis for identification of highly damped structures, Journal of Vibration and Control, IMAC, Accepted.

Integration of Wavelet Transform and Independent Component Analysis for Unsupervised Identification of Structures, NZSEE International Conference, 2014, Accepted

   On Seismic Hazard Analysis of The Two Vulnerable Regions in Iran: Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches, NZSEE International Conference, 2014, Published .

  On The Behaviour of Corrugated Steel Shear Walls With And Without Openings, Second European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, 2014, Published.  

  On the Study of an Eight-Story Building Seismic Response, Controlled Passively and Actively by Tuned Mass Damper(TMD) and Comparison with Uncontrolled Case, Second National Conference on New Material and Structures, 2014, Published Link.


   Parametric Study of Linear and Non-Linear Single Degree of Freedom Systems Under Tabas Ground Motion Regarding Newmark approach, 8Th National Congress on Civil Engineering, 2013, Published.