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Supervised By: Prof. Pakravan

Fall 2011

Supervised By: Prof. Baqeri

Spring 2011

Design of a basic dynamic agent for a three-level network

Design of a Tele-text receiver

Project List

Supervised By: Prof. Fardmanesh

Dec 2011—May 2012

An automatic programmable Spin Coater

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Supervised By: Prof. Sanaei

Spring 2011


Supervised By: Prof. Movahedian

Fall 2010


Supervised By: Prof. Movahedian

Fall 2010

Design of a heat-controlling system with AVR

Design of a conceptual 8-bit microprocessor

Design of the graphics and sounds for a multiplayer entertainment platform with Assembly x86

Supervised By: Prof. Mirzaei

Spring 2010



Prof. J. A. Salehi, Dr. A.Vedadi; Summer 2010

Design of an optical spectrum analyzer with the precision of 0.01nm using Brillouin scattering and MATLAB interface

Design of a combinational electronic lock


Supervised By: Prof. Hesamifard

Fall 2008

Design of a logic gate-level simulation program


Supervised By: Prof. Hesamifard

Fall 2008

Design of a string-parsing calculator program


Supervised By: Mr. Saburian

Spring 2006

Design of an R2 R function drawing program using C++

Supervised By: Prof. Li

Dec 2012

Design of a 4kb SRAM memory

Supervised By: Prof. Artan

Apr 2013—May 2013

Low-area streaming image processor

Supervised By: Prof. Artan

Sep 2013—May 2014

Neural Spike Processing on Reconfigurable Hardware

Supervised By: Prof. Maniatakos

Mar 2013—May 2013

Automatic reconfiguration of spares in memories