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                 My name is AmirAli Abdolrashidi. I opened my eyes to the world on Friday, December 8th, 1989. I was raised in Tehran, Iran’s largest city and capital. It was not long before I encountered one of the first generations of personal computers available in the state. I gradually learned to use them in an educative way. I wrote my first program in 12 when I learned QBasic in secondary school. Then I moved to Visual Basic, Pascal and its visual counterpart, Delphi and switched to C in high school.

                 During this period, I was attracted to computer graphics and sounds. I started to make entertainment platforms, such as a remake of the famous ‘Nibbles’, as well as fundamental programs, such as a 3D function generating interface  which was exhibited in the 22nd local high school fair which attracted hundreds. I was also acquainted with web coding systems such as HTML and JavaScript and wrote my first website from scratch. When the time came for choosing a field of study in university, I selected electrical engineering; I was eager to learn about the internal structure of intelligent systems, which had been present in the majority of my life, from the very beginning and to use my programming skills to bring feasible future intelligent visions into the real world.

                 Although my experiences were all software up to this point, I soon learned to think more for a hardware system. When I learned Verilog HDL, a new gateway was opened to me and I implemented several CPLD and FPGA assignments on provided educational boards. Meanwhile, I began working with several microprocessors and microcontrollers such as 8085, 8086, 8051, AVR and PIC. I also tried my chance as a TA for two semesters and interacted with dozens of cultures from all around the country.

                 My background in the field of digital systems and my subsequent high grades in the related courses piloted me to select the field of digital electronics as the area of my primary interest. I was interested in science, but I also believed that learning science without employing it is not what the world needs. Thus, I began to work in more applicable projects. The diversity in the applications of digital systems enabled me to implement projects of different criteria, such as an optical spectrum analyzer and a simple 8-bit microprocessor and the latest being an automatic programmable spin coater which ranked 2nd among the finest projects which were all moving to claim the award as their own. My inclination for algorithm enhancement encouraged me to optimize my designs to the best extent.

                 I now continue my career as a graduate student in this field in New York University School of Engineering, one of the oldest engineering schools in the United States, and  acquired the MS degree in the field of EE.

                 The strongest aspect I can say and admire about myself is my ability to learn on my own. I taught myself Java and even did some Android programming. I even managed to learn basic Spanish by myself! I believe that in this world, a person must have the motivation as well as the effort to succeed, but the truest success comes when these resources come from within.

                 Now I have learned many things about the infrastructure of microchips and computers and their designing methods, the true form of simple high-level codes and their combinations, as I once planned. I have also learned about many other things such as data networks and control systems; however, I have still so much to learn! As a great man once said , “If I were to be ranked according to what I do not know, I would be higher than the farthest star”.

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